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Kickstart Your PICO Assays with our PICO Antibody Labeling Service


Label Your Antibodies with PICOglue Labels


Would you like to perform a PICO assay but don’t want to do the antibody labeling on your own?


You don't have access to Agilent's Bioanalyzer to assess the antibody labeling efficiency?

Actome offers a professional service for labeling antibodies of your choice with PICOglue Labels, providing a highly sensitive and specific probe for various PICO applications. 

Our service uses the PICOglue Labeling technology to ensure the superior quality and reliability of the labeled antibodies. We guarantee at least 70% labeling efficiency (many times close to 100%), with a labeled antibody stability of at least 6 months. The yield is high and the amount of labeled antibodies are enough for hundreds of PICO assays. The expected concentration of the labeled antibody is in the range of 5 × 1010 - 5 × 1012 cp/µL (copies per microliter).

Our antibody labeling service includes the following steps:

  1. Purification (optional): The antibody of your choice is purified to remove chemicals, such as sodium azide, BSA, and amines, that might interfere with the conjugation reaction. This step is optional and is only recommended if the latter chemicals are present in the buffer of your antibody. 
  2. Conjugation of PICOglue Label to your antibody: The PICOglue Label is covalently conjugated to the antibody using proprietary chemistry resulting in a site-specific labeling with two PICOglue Labels per antibody.
  3. Quality Control: The quality control step includes the determination of the labeling efficiency (% of labeled antibodies), using Agilent’s high-sensitivity SDS-PAGE instrument, the 2100 Bioanalyzer System. In addition the antibody concentration (labeled antibody molecules/µL) is also determined using dPCR and our PICO Amplification Core Kit with matching PICO Probes. 
  4. Reporting: Our experts provide a detailed report of the experimental results and conditions.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality labeled antibodies, allowing you to confidently use them in your PICO applications.


Do you want take advantage of our PICO Customized Assay Development Service? 


Reach out to us below to get a quote and to learn more about our antibody labeling service and how we can help advance your PICO experiments.


PICOglue Antibody Labeling technology. The PICO Label (DNA oligonucleotide) is covalently attached to the heavy chain of an antibody.